The National Press Club Scholarship for Journalism Diversity 


Today as the world is flourishing in globalization and rapid change in world communication, the newsrooms, on the other hand, are becoming more and more exclusive to a certain part of the society.A recent study by ASNE reveals that about 90% of supervisors in American newsrooms were white.This indicates and indeed confirms the quick decline in minority journalists and steadily …

Legal Challenges Faced By Houston Business Journalists


Legal Challenges Faced By Houston Business Journalists Houston, Texas rings a bell for most if not all Americans for a number of reasons. Journalists remember it because, on November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the president of the United States America was shot down in Dallas, Texas. Since then, Dallas has remained wounded. Since then, journalists from Dallas have never …

Détente between the press and Washington is a fine line


Sometimes, in order to navigate an increasingly tricky political landscape, the press takes a “lie-down amongst the hungry lions” approach to the politicians it covers. In a repressive climate where information is throttled, suppressed, or manufactured by those in power in order to protect themselves, the idea of the press corps taking measures to tamp down the escalating threats to …

Locating The Best Houston Attorneys

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Locating the best Houston attorneys can seem like pulling teeth. However, there are some useful guidelines to follow when in search of the best attorneys. There are also certain attributes to look for in every attorney, and there are specific questions to ask during the first consultation. 1. Search The Neighborhood The first step in finding the best Dallas attorneys …

Quiet — Do you hear a Leak?


To run for public office and to consider freedom of the press a mixed blessing seems to go hand in hand. From local school boards to the White House, it is hard to be objective about the press, when you see in the newspaper or on television news that your every utterance is analyzed like an autopsy on a dead …

Houston Press Club Welcomes Communications Experts

First Amendment

Currently, one of the top thriving non-profits in Houston today, the Houston Press Club or HPC has expanded their concerns to more than just supporting writers with their first amendment. After the not-so-surprising reign of HPC, the people building this wonderful non-profit have also developed sectors of their organization designed to further help writers with their creative license. More about …

Closures during the Holidays

We wanted to inform everybody that we will be closed for the holiday season Wednesday, December 24 through January 3 to celebrate with our families. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!